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Commercial Induction Range Cookers - Commercial Induction Hobs

Incorporating commercial induction hobs, Target Catering Equipment's induction range cookers are manufactured in the UK using the very latest European induction cooking components.

Along with controllability, practicality and cleanliness, Target Catering Equipment's industrial induction equipment offers restaurant and hotel kitchens, pubs and foodservice businesses a serious energy saving advantage in the catering kitchen.

With over 25 year's experience manufacturing and supplying stainless steel commercial catering equipment to all areas of the food service industry, Target Catering Equipment has gained the reputation of being one of the leading bespoke, commercial induction stove manufacturers in the UK.

Taget Catering Equipment 's induction hobs are now used extensively across the country providing versatility and energy saving benefits for catering facilities.

Standard Induction

Target standard range of induction products gives you 'off the shelf' equipment with standard configuration options. Pick and mix the components that best suit your requirements

Bespoke Induction

Target bespoke commercial induction ranges, build your induction range to your exact specification combining commercial induction hobs with a multitude of other leading manufacturer equipment options.

Wok Induction

Target induction wok range cookers, energy efficient alternatives for oriental style cooking. Build your bespoke induction wok range with any number of induction wok burners to suit you.

Induction Cooking - Your Competitive Advantage In The Kitchen...

Reduce Overhead Costs

By consuming just half the power of its gas equivalent and speeding up the cooking process by half the time, overhead bills can be dramatically reduced. On top of this the reduced requirements for planned maintenance on all electric kitchens over kitchens with gas appliances will also bring overhead costs down.

Increase Cover Turnover

When using commercial induction hobs the heat controllability and speed is unparalleled to any other hob cooking technology. It takes just a quarter of the time of its gas equivalent to reach target cooking temperature. By speeding up food production this will allow you to turnover a higher number of covers in your restaurant, thus increasing bottom line profit.

Improve the Working Environment

With minimal waste heat being produced with induction technology, you do not have to deal with the removal of heat and input of fresh/cool air into the kitchen. Working in a kitchen with a commercial induction range is by far a cooler and more comfortable environment for every chef.

minimise Staff After Service Hours

With a smooth seamless worktop, Target commercial induction range cookers can be easily wiped down. The cooktop surface remains cool to touch even when in use which ensures no burnt on residue and also means you can clean your appliances as you go, without the risk of burns.

The Demonstration Kitchen

A visit to the Target Demonstration Kitchen is a must for anyone who shares our passion for innovative commercial kitchen equipment and wants to learn more.

Complete with the latest commercial induction hob technology, trial for yourself or let one of our Chef Ambassadors demonstrate the benefits of investing in a commercial induction range.

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